About Max Lord

Max Lord is a Boston-based improvisor who has worked in a variety of rock, noise, electronic and improv settings. Though originally identifying as a percussionist, since 2000 he has performed with Buchla electronic instruments. His recorded work as Ghost Grass recalls mid-century electronic experimentation as often as more modern improvised approaches. As a collaborator and organizer, he is closely associated with the experimental movement community and has performed with Sara June (as Lord and June) since 2006.

From 1995-1997, Max played drums in avant rock ensemble Bitchhiker, with guitarists Peter Beck and Scott West. From 1998-2000, he collaborated with the well known Boston noise musician Karlheinz as Lord & Karlheinz, terrorizing audiences across the city but leaving few recorded documents. After splitting with Karlheinz he made many powerbook-oriented experiments, working with early versions of Reaktor, max-msp and similar computer music tools. From 2001-2005 he worked out of Wire Sounds, a studio that he built in South Boston and populated with analog synthesizers and antiquated recording equipment. At Wire Sounds he built a large modular synthesizer system, created many tape-based pieces, and recorded various bits and pieces of the Boston rock underground. Some of his work from this time is documented on the CD Electronic Music 2000-2005.

After 2006, Max refocused much of his work into contexts not exclusively musical, and began a long, fruitful collaboration with movement artist Sara June. As Lord and June, they work as an improvisational group, on large-scale conceptual projects, and in collaboration with many other members of the experimental movement community. In 2009, he became a member of the Mobius Artists Group, a 37-year old artists' collaborative supporting experimental work in all time-based media. Through Mobius, he has supported performance-based artwork and begun working more with installation-based sound works.

He continues to record and perform as Ghost Grass, in which his primary instrument is the Buchla Electric Music Box. In the past few years he has self-released 6 limited-edition tapes Ghost Grass 001-006.