2x in a Living Room and a Kitchen

2x in a Livingroom and a Kitchen explores the obscurity of functional living space and its accompanying problems of communication. Designed for performance in a ‘tiny’ space, the piece offers the deliberate use of obscure notions of body, with frequent changes in perspective and subject/object roles, in the setting of a normal living space (conceived of as a livingroom and a kitchen). Through the utilization of a restricted space, movement, visual media, and sound are amplified and condensed to intensify the relationships between the moving and static elements of the work.

Performed live at the Zeroplan Performance Series in December 2011, at the Boston University exhibition '100 Years of Performance Art' in February 2012, and at the Boston Center for the Arts Mills Gallery in June 2012 as part of the series 'Movement at the Mills.'


Concept: Sara June, Yuka Takahashi

Movement Design and Performance: Sara June, Yuka Takahashi

Sound Design and Performance: Max Lord