About Lord & June

Max Lord and Sara June have been making performances together since 2006. Upon their first meeting, the pair quickly formed a shared understanding of the natural compatibility of their respective backgrounds (electronic noise and butoh dance). Their first work, Fern Study, was performed on a lawn at a garden party three months after they met. As Lord and June, they have presented improvisational duets, site-sensitive durational performance works, and historically informed visual-sound installations, often in unique locations. Together, they curated ZEROPLAN a popular salon that presented spontaneous collaborations of electronic sound improvisors with avant-garde movement performers in their loft in Downtown Crossing from 2007 until 2011.

In 2009, they were invited to join the Mobius Artists Group which brought them into closer contact with the experimental performance community in Boston. Most recently, Lord and June were commissioned by the Boston University Art Galleries to create a work, Peacock, for performance alongside the internationally acclaimed Hiroshima Panels by Japanese artists Iri and Toshi Maruki. Lord and June have presented work at Mobius, the Boston Center for the Arts, Boston University Art Galleries, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Bridgewater State University, Green Street Studios, the Dance Complex, Mascher Space Co-op (Philadelphia, PA), Galapagos (Brooklyn, NY), Center for Performance Research (Brooklyn, NY), Le Lieu Centre for Performance Art en Actuel (Quebec City, CA) the League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots (Brooklyn, NY), and the REACHFestival at the Wistariahurst Museum (Holyoke, MA).

As a duo, they have worked often with other collaborators, particularly Yuka Takahashi, Liz Roncka, Nathan Andary, Steve Norton, and Matthew Samolis.