'Conjugated' is a dance film that was originally created as a commission for the online dance film festival, Dances Made to Order, a subscriber-based and curated website. As part of their Boston series in June 2012, three choreographers and three filmmakers were paired to create dance films based on audience-chosen themes. The series was curated by Alissa Cardone on behalf of DMTO creators Kingsley Irons and Bryan Koch. This film was a collaborative effort by Lord and June with filmmaker James Ellis Coleman. The title of the film is derived from the concept of conjugation in biochemistry:

The process of conjugation in biochemistry describes the turning of substances into a hydrophilic (water-loving) state in the body. It also means the placing of disparate states into one.


Concept by: Sara June, Max Lord, and James Ellis Coleman

Movement Performance by: Sara June

Sound Design and Performance by: Max Lord

Photography and Editing by: James Ellis Coleman and Max Lord