Developed at KaaiTheater in Brussels during our workspacebrussels residency.

This performance project investigates the social dilemma induced by the opposition of cooperative and competitive consciousness and how this evolves in specific social and situational contexts. Interpersonal relationships can manifest in cooperative, non-cooperative or even competitive actions. The tensions that arise from these interactions will ultimately affect not just the relationship itself but the coherence of the social environment as well.
This work reveals the impact of human interactions on social entropy by using a full-course dinner party as a frame. This physical, verbal and sound based performance in an interactive setting explores distinctive layers of communication and their effect on the “party” itself.
This work is a culmination of our previous collaborative pieces, “2x in a Living Room and a Kitchen” which explored detaching coherence of functional objects while blurring the boundary of subject and object and “Game”, which exposed competitive consciousness evoked by social environment.

Concept/Performance: Yuka Takahashi, Sara June, Max Lord
Sound Design: Max Lord