HERON interacts with Japanese Artist Fujiko Nakaya’s large-scale fog sculptures installed as part of her FOG x Flo exhibition in Boston’s Emerald Necklace. HERON features a quadraphonic sound composition, spatialized by key participants holding small wireless speakers housed within sculptural vessels and following the performance as it meanders along the path. Different sections of the soundscape explore the types of tonalities that blend with the different environments: the large twisting trees moving in the wind, the stillness of the open water, and the movement of waterfowl on and above the pond.

The scene follows the movement of a solo dancer (Sara June) who creates sculptural forms with her body reminiscent of the blue heron and other water fowl who dwell in this environment. HERON takes place an hour prior to sunset as a temporal element of the work includes the passage of the sun from just above to just below the horizon line.


Performance: Sara June

Music composition: Max Lord

Videography: Sue Murad

Speaker bearers: Max Lord, Eric Bornstein, Julivic Marquez, Melanie Hedlund

This performance was made possible by the Emerald Necklace Conservancy and curator Jen Mergel.